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Alain was born in Milan to a French mother and an Italian father.

Developed a passion for magic at the age of twelve, and began to study in depth all branches of the art.

His main interest is directed to a kind of magic that can interact with the public as much as possible in order to create a greater interest on the part of those who follow the show.

He then began a deep study of close up magic and Mentalism that led him to win the first prize in 1989 at the IV Congress organized by the Roman section of C. M. I. (Italian Magic Club).

Following this recognition, Alain began a series of collaborations with some of the most known restaurants where he performs his close up at the table creating a fun form of entertainment called Table hopping.

The vast repertoire of magical effects allows Alain to work with many restaurants in which he performed several times a week enjoying notable success.

The study of mentalism and psychology rather than allow him to create a show of mind reading.

This topic always draws a lot of interest because everyone, at least once in their lives, they wanted to possess such power.

A fully interactive act that fits well both to the premises with limited space that the big stage. Of course, the show is presented in brilliant key to entertain everyone present without boring them.

These two forms of entertainment together create the best form of entertainment that can be achieved without the use of materials and spaces exclusively plays, making them ideal to as many situations presentable.

The continuous study and interest in magical arts and entertainment, bring Alain to be recognized as an artist valid and interesting by experts, to the point that in 1995 he was hired by the organization of the magical convention Colombe d’Or for the gala show at the Eden casino, and a conference reserved for magicians during which teaches plug his personal way of making magic and philosophy on the show.

At the same time Alain began to write some articles for magic magazine. “Qui Magia” published by Tony Binarelli, some of its effects appear to “genii” (the most prestigious international magazine for magicians) and over the years on other international journals as “The Linking Ring, Arcane, Revue de la prestidigitation and Magia Moderna”.

From this moment begins a new chapter of Alain for his professionalism …

Magic for magicians!

The Alain’s conference will be repeated several times in the magic circles of Milan, Padua, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Bolzano, Novara, Asti, Turin, Genoa, Ventimiglia, Monza, Lucca, Livorno, Pesaro Pescara, Chieti, Trieste, Naples, Bari, Palermo Messina, Gorizia for Italy. Cagnes sur mer, the Juan Pins, Geneva, Lugano, Lyon, Dijon, Montpellier, Clermont Ferrand, Blois, Paris, Perpignan, Grenoble, Nimes, Nantes, Anger, Nice, Strasbourg and Marseille in France and Switzerland. Madrid, Barcellona, Bilbao, Tarragona and Manresa in Spain. Maribor in Slovenia. USA, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Magic Castle Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Huntsville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Nashville, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Poughkeepsie, Northport, Omaha, Austin, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Houston, Denver, Tucson. London Magic Circle. This success among professionals stems from the fact that the magic of Alain appears to be original and effective.

This success will come then other conferences dealing magical  entertainment, communication and entertainment.

The fluency of Alain and knowledge of English and French allow him to perform his shows and his lectures in many countries of the world

Some successes:

Gran festival St. John Bosco. Barcellona. January 2023

XXII° International Magic Festival of San Marino. MC at Close up competition and at the international Close up gala show. March 2019

134° International Congress of the Italian Magic Club. Midnight show and MC at the impromptu contest. October 2018

XVI° Masters of Magic convention. MC at Italian national magic championship. May 2018

XXI° International Magic Festival of San Marino. MC Sunday’s gala

Best one man parade of the year on The Linking Ring review. December 2017

133° International Congress of the Italian Magic Club. MC Impromptu Magic Competition. October 2017

XV° Masters of Magic Convention. MC at Victor Balli contest. Performer at Close up Gala show. May 2017

Cover boy and one man parade on the magic review The Linking Ring. March 2017

XX° International Magic Festival of San Marino. Lecturer and MC of Sunday’s gala

Lecture at London Magic Circle. December 2016

Close up Gala Show and lecture at the National convention MRA-Gibor in Maribor (Slovenia). November 2016

Magic Castle. Los Angeles CA 17th 23th. October 2016

132° International Congress of Italian Magic Club. Abano Terme. October 2016

Official MC for the Italian gala at the 46th magic convention Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolics (NY). April 2016

130° International Congress of the Italian Magic Club. Abano Terme. MC at the opening gala show and dinner.

13° Magic convention “Trofeo Alberto Sitta”. Close up gala show

129° International Congress of the Italian Magic Club. Abano Terme. MC at the opening gala show and dinner.

12° Magic convention “Trofeo Alberto Sitta”. Close up gala show

128 ° International Congress of the Italian Magic Club. Abano Terme. Gala show and conference.

Presenter of the gala opening of the XX° edition of the international convention “Colombe d’or of the Juan Pins”

Official presenter of two galas at the 44th National French Congress FFAP (French National magicians association) at the Newport Bay Resort to Disneyland Paris.

Official ambassador for Italy at the Theatre Princess Grace of Monaco at the Monte Carlo Magic Stars 99. This is the most important event in European magic shows open to the public, organized by the Ranieri family

Entertainer with his performances in the New Year 2000 at the Gazelle d’or hotel in Morocco.

Entertainer of the evening on the occasion of the marriage of Roma football team player and French National team Vincent Candela.

Alain on TV

Stregati dall’amore (fiction) Channel 5

Masters of Magic (12 episodes devoted entirely to magic recorded at the Casino de la Valle St. Vincent). Currently airing on channel Jimmy.

Guest on Rai1 Serata d’onore presented by Pippo Baudo.

Guest on Rai1 Amedeo Goria to “Unomattina estate.”

Rai 2 “Cronaca in diretta” and the TV show “Cominciamo bene” hosted by Tony Garrani on Rai 3.

Alain still performs regularly with both the lay public who like this character very elegant and brilliant at the same time, both the magicians who, in addition to like the character, will be impressed by the technical capabilities that are able to perceive.

In the years have also been published some articles on Alain by national newspapers.


The conference is an event dedicated mainly to the magic circles and associations of various kinds in order to learn about and discuss the magic of Alain.

Alain proposes three conferences on three different topics that describe magical part of his artistic repertoire:

Alain also offers conferences and seminars on gambling and techniques of communication open not only to an audience of magicians.

For information and want to contact Alain directly through our contact page.

Alain and magazines

Over time, Alain has worked with several national and international journals which are published in both its theoretical articles relating to the work of the magician’s premises and in extreme situations, as well as effects and tricks created by him and explained during his lectures. (Qui Magia – Italy, Genii – USA, Revue de la prestidigitation – France, Arcane (France), Il grimorio (Italy), Magia Moderna (Italy),The Linking Ring (USA).


Interview with Alain of the Press (Torino 09/10/2003) and Corriere della Sera

Said  about Alain

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